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Your Path to Success

Keys to Success, once you join under one of my ref banners above I can give you more tips on achieving great success. Signing up is free and it requires zero out of pocket expenses.

If you don't believe my Paypal cashout above I even posted it on the Prizelive as Proof that I received my cashout and you can look at all the awards I've won I know what I'm doing and willing to help you get some extra cash so you can spend it however you like

Ф Sign up using one of my ref banners above.

Ф Fill out your profile with 100% valid and truthful information. (No name or street abbreviations all the information has to belong to you and only you otherwise the administrator can't and won't pay you)

Ф The site is plain and simple. Complete offers and surveys for money. Cashout your earnings and spend your money. If this is your first time on a GPT site go and read the guides before you start

Ф Create new emails if your doing many offers which are the same

Ф Clear your browser cookies in between each offers.

Ф Take your time with offers, speed is not the key. You want to get credit for as many offers as you can in the least amount of tries. If offers don't credit you can try them again in 7 days.

Ф Complete offers to the end, DO NOT rush through them or they won't credit. Click links on the final pages like in the silver, gold and platinum sections. DO NOT exit out of the offer until after you press submit. Wait for each page to load completely before going to the next page. Sign up for as much free stuff as you can.

Ф Which offers are good to do? Don't think about that just do them all. See what other members are getting credited for and follow suit. If someone just got credit for an offer it means its still paying so just ask around. Or you can just look at the last credited time next to the offer if its under 1 week it means its still paying so just try it.

Ф If you have questions use the forum, live chat or you can message me for help. If you don't know what your doing just ask. I'll answer your questions.

Ф What are Points and GCs? Points are the unit of currency for the site. 1 Point = 1 US Dollar. Everyone is paid in US Dollars, if you live in a country other than the US companies like PayPal and AlertPay will change the money into your local currency. GCs are Game Credits if you want to convert your points to GCs its .10 Points = 1 Game Credit. You can use the GC to play games. We have a basketball game, card matching game, clay disc shooting game and a word spelling game. They all payout a lot of points. We also have fantasy sports contests where you pick winners and scores for sporting events winner gets paid in cash. We have Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey & College Basketball.

Ф PayPal, Alertpay, Amazon Gift Cards, GoDaddy Gift Cards, Checks: You can cashout using any of the methods listed, If You don't like any of the selections or would like something else thats OKAY. We have something called a “Custom Reward” You shop around for what you want on the internet find the lowest price or closest seller to you, provide the website, the name of the item and how much it costs and the administrator will buy that item with your money and it'll be sent to your house.

Ф How to make more money from just doing offers? We have an offer contest that pays $70 for 1st place, $40 for 2nd place and $20 for 3rd place. It goes all the way down to 10th place but we're not focus on those lower placing positions. Coupled with the offers you do and a 1st place win in offer contest you can make upwards to $100 per week.

Ф How to make money for doing practically nothing? Stay active for just one week and completing 5 paying offers a day will increase your chances of winning our monthly jackpot by 50%. 10 lucky members a month share a jackpot of upwards of $400-$500 dollars 1st place prize gets anywhere from $80-$150 and this is just from doing just a couple of offers a day 2nd 10th place position get a portion of the winnings as well all divvied up by percentage.

Ф Come try us out get your $60 for that new PC game, PS3 game, XBOX 360 game or you just need the cash for whatever. The money is out there waiting for you. You just have to come get it.

Ф Money is hard to come by, the economy is not so hot these days, this place is one of the best places to get a few dollars to get by while your waiting for your life to change around. HAPPY EARNING.

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